All registered competitors will receive a tournament t-shirt upon arrival to the event, so don’t forget to check the box for your size on the regsitration form! The winner of each division will receive a custom NLJJO belt, and second and third places will be awarded medals.


8 and under
11 and under
14 and under
17 and under

(Divisions maybe combined based on amount of entries)


(Divisions maybe combined based on amount of entries)

White belt
Blue belt
Purple belt
Brown/ Black belt

(Divisions maybe combined based on amount of entries)

Weighing in:

Weigh-ins start at 9am. Athletes are given only one oppurtunity to weigh in. If you miss your registered weight class, you will be moved to the appropriate weight division. There is no penalty for missing your registered weight class, however, there is no second attempt allowed at a weigh in. All athletes have until June 16th to change their registered weight class. Missing weight will slow down the check in process and delay tourament start times.

Weight classes are as follows:

Under 135lbs
135lbs and over

Under 140lbs
Under 160bs
Under 180lbs
Under 200lbs
Over 200lbs

(Weight classes may be expanded or combined based on amount of entries)


2 points for take down

2 points for a sweep

3 points for passing the guard

4 points for full mount

4 points for back mount

All draws will go to Referee decision based on attacking, dominance and control


Any yelling, loud grunting or screaming while a submission is applied the referee will stop the match.

No foul language or unsportsmanlike conduct.

No arguing with referees. If you have a disagreement, immediately speak to your coach or club representative and have them speak to tournament organizers in a timely fashion. Any conflicts that get brought up to organizers after the division has been completed cannot be rectified.

All gis must fit properly, be clean, free of odour and be of standard Jiu Jitsu style. If you have any questions about your gi, please contact us.

All competitors must wear underwear.

Mouthguards are optional.

Athletic cups are not allowed.


Submissions above the waist are allowed. This includes arm locks, shoulder locks and choke holds. If a child competitor is risking injury instead of tapping out to a submission hold, the referee can tap for them. If at anytime a referee feels like the child is in danger they will stop the match.


The following submission attempts are not allowed at the NLJJO and will result in disqualification:

No Slamming. Also, when an athlete is lifted off of the ground, the match will be stopped and the referee will order a re-start. If an athlete lifts their opponent off of the mat in an attempt to avoid a submission by forcing a re-start, then the offending athlete will be disqualified.

No Twisting Leg Locks of any kind (heel hooks, toe holds, inverted heel hooks and inverted toe holds).

No Scissors Take down of any kind (Kani Basami).

No slicer techniques of any kind.

No neck cranks of any kind.

No electric chairs/crotch ripper technique of any kind.

No jumping guard. You must pull your opponent into the guard position while you have established grips and are in contact with the mats.

Sitting down on the mat while your opponent is standing and you do not have an established grip (a.k.a. “Butt Scooting”) is not allowed in any division. You must take your opponent down or pull them into the guard position. If the participants are not engaged in a position while one is standing and the other is seated, the seated participant will be asked to reset from a standing position.

Allowed submissions

Gripping with 4 fingers inside the sleeve of the jacket top and inside the pants will be allowed

Straight ankle and wrist locks are allowed in all adult divisions.

Straight knee bars are allowed at the adult blue belt level.

All arm locks, shoulder locks and chokes are legal with the exception of directly attacking the trachea.

Time limits:

Kids 10 years and under 3 minutes
Kids 11-15 years 4 minutes
Adult white belt 5 minutes
Adult blue belt 5 minutes
Adult purple belt 6 minutes
Adult brown belt 7 minutes
Adult black belt 8 minutes